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October 2022

Develop Directors and Grow Your Business

Corporate Director 7 Alan Pariser has developed hundreds of Directors during his decades as a Melaleuca Marketing Executive. In this master class, Alan shares his tried-and-true methods for effective Director development: finding a strong why, treating Director development as a process, identifying those who are serious about building a Melaleuca business, scheduling Strategy Sessions, and more.

September 2022

The Key Is Doing the Critical Activities

“At Melaleuca, there’s no goal that’s too big,” Executive Director 4 Jessi Harris says. “You can do it if you commit to it.” Building a thriving Melaleuca business takes lots of work, but the Seven Critical Business- Building Activities provide an effective framework for your efforts. Listen as Jessi shares her own story and how, despite setbacks, her commitment to doing the Critical Activities ultimately led her to growth and success.

August 2022

4 Steps for Effective Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions are key to your success as you build your Melaleuca business. Listen as Executive Director 9 Corey Keller lays out her four steps for effective Strategy Sessions—from identifying a clear why to setting your new enrollee’s sights on 20/20 Club, coaching them to make confident approaches, and effectively plugging them in to their support team.

July 2022

Now Is the Time to Act

What’s your goal? What’s driving you? Those are Corporate Director 2 Seville Ko’s big questions in this inspiring, energy-packed presentation. Get ready to learn how to build rock-solid confidence and turn that confidence into consistent action that powers you toward your goal. You’ll be given a set of compelling insights that Melaleuca Marketing Executives of any status can use to infuse purpose and passion into their daily business-building efforts—and their daily lives.

June 2022

6 Parts of a Successful Strategy Session

Let National Director 5 Makenzie Schultz show you how to turn your Strategy Session into the powerful tool it should be for growing your business. In this insightful presentation, Makenzie outlines six essential parts of a successful Strategy Session—from building trust with your new business partner to showing them how you will support them every step of the way.

May 2022

Always Be Adding to Your Contact List

Building a robust Melaleuca business begins with adding names to your contact list daily. In this insightful presentation, Executive Director 6 Elicia Bennett teaches her simple secrets to keeping a “full funnel” of new names—and reveals how she has turned her contact list into a tool for changing lives.

April 2022

A Successful Overview Each Time

Full Melaleuca Overviews delivered with understanding, passion, and posture lead to customers who start strong and value their Melaleuca Membership. In this inspiring, knowledge-packed presentation, Executive Director 5 Paul Hardin shares what he does to turn each Overview into an empowering experience for customers every time.

March 2022

Why Share a Full Overview?

Executive Director 3 Megan Terk’s business growth took off once she learned how to share the full Melaleuca Overview with confidence. How would mastering the Overview transform your own business growth? Listen as Megan relates her journey and shares the strategies and secrets she has perfected along the way.

February 2022

Better Contacts and Approaches

Consistently adding to your contact list and making approaches are critical to building a thriving business. National Director Sabrina Ellis’s in-depth look at the first two Critical Activities is a mustlisten for new and experienced Marketing Executives alike! Discover some great ideas for making your daily efforts more effective.

January 2022

Presenting Powerful Melaleuca Overviews

You can’t have a successful Melaleuca business without sharing highly effective Melaleuca Overviews! Executive Directors 4 Chris and Tammara Williams detail how they present complete and powerful Overviews by setting expectations, knowing their tools, and keeping an open mind.

December 2021

Steps for Great Follow-Up

Have you discovered the profound business-building power of following up? Learn the concepts and principles of highly effective follow-up from Executive Directors 3 Kerry and Kathy Buxton. Ensure every new Member in your organization fully grasps the power of their Melaleuca Membership and all of the benefits associated with it.

November 2021

Take Good Care of Your Customers

It’s no secret—Melaleuca businesses are powered by customers who shop month after month. Learn how Executive Director 4 Cindy Brown takes care of her customers while also guiding them to build businesses of their own!

October 2021

Leaving a Melaleuca Legacy

Since 1992, National Director 6 Phil Crescenzo has dedicated his efforts to building a legacy for his family. The secret to his success? Reimagining his why again and again.

September 2021

The Power of Knowing Why

Where does your motivation come from? When was the last time you deeply evaluated the root reason why you’re building a Melaleuca business? Corporate Director 4 Michelle Smith teaches how knowing why you and your business partners want to build a Melaleuca business leads to growth and longevity.

August 2021

Developing Successful Leaders

What do the never-miss-twice rule, the 24-hour rule, and the one-two-three approach have in common? They are all critical to Executive Director 5 Marlo Payne’s steps for helping others shop and build businesses at Melaleuca.

July 2021

The Power of Building Belief

What is the power of belief? National Director 9 Seville Ko discusses the fundamentals of building belief—belief in Melaleuca and its products, belief in the power of the Compensation Plan, belief in your support team, and, most importantly, belief in yourself. And with that belief comes success.

June 2021

Focused on Our Mission Statement

How well do you know Melaleuca’s Mission Statement? Learn how National Director 7 Laura Garza’s focus on helping others helps her team overcome doubts and develop consistent habits to reach their goals.

May 2021

Best Practices through the Decades

Are you ready to strengthen the foundation of your business? Drawing on 29 years of experience, Corporate Director 7 Alan Pariser shares tips for building contact lists, making approaches, presenting Melaleuca Overviews, staying consistent, and so much more.

April 2021

Making the Right Approach

Want to know the driving force behind a successful, growing business? It’s making approaches! Learn how National Director 5 Geneveve Sykes does natural, genuine approaches that lead to appointments.

March 2021

Ten Steps for Successful Strategy Sessions

Ever wondered how to make your Strategy Sessions more effective? Follow Executive Director 4 Brittney McLaughlin’s ten steps to help your builders identify meaningful goals and make effective plans to achieve them.

February 2021

Showing Up for Your Business

Growing your Melaleuca business is all about dedication to daily activity and Melaleuca’s Mission Statement. Learn how Corporate Director 3 Kimberly McCauley advanced her business and transformed her family with a focus on enrolling customers and helping others every day.

January 2021

Creating Momentum in Your Business

Looking for the key to success? Learn to build momentum! National Director Ernest Ross teaches that you will build momentum when you stop counting the noes, stay consistent, and lead by example.

December 2020

Setting Up for Success with Strategy Sessions

Want to get your team dreaming of a bolder, brighter, more fulfilling future? Hold Strategy Sessions! Executive Director 9 Corey Keller breaks down the steps for holding effective Strategy Sessions that overcome doubt and set business builders up for long-term success.

November 2020

Strategy Sessions Are for Everyone!

Whether they are new customers or business builders, helping your new enrollees get started with a Strategy Session is essential! Executive Directors 4 Tammara and Chris Williams explain how to duplicate effective Strategy Sessions that develop committed customers and inspire confident business builders.

October 2020

Transforming Your Dreams into Reality

Using her own personal story of growth and transformation, National Director 9 Kim McCauley outlines her six-step process that allowed “just a mom” to become a successful and thriving Melaleuca leader.

September 2020

The Four Things That Matter Most

In Corporate Director 6 Erin Clark’s experience, there are four things that matter most: intent, daily activity, product, and belief. With humility and humor Erin shows how those four elements can help you focus on your future and the actions that generate real results.

August 2020

Starting Meaningful Conversations

When you build your Melaleuca business, you don’t close a sale—you open a relationship. National Director 7 Maria Mosca illustrates how to identify new social channels, establish rapport, and make genuine approaches both in person and online.

July 2020

Build upon Melaleuca’s Solid Foundation

What’s the key to a successful business? Having a solid foundation! Reflecting on 32 years of business building, National Director Margie Rae shares how the principles, practices, and products at Melaleuca create a business opportunity that lasts a lifetime.

June 2020

Don’t Give Up When It Gets Tough

When the going gets tough, Executive Director 9 Sandy Grippo keeps on going! Drawing on life experience, Sandy teaches how the best businesses are built with grit, empowerment, and tenacious hard work.

May 2020

Developing Leadership

If you want to develop leadership, you have to put in the work! Executive Director 6 Cassidy Burns shares how she develops leaders on her team by connecting them to their whys, holding Strategy Sessions, and leading by example.

April 2020

Consistency Is Key

If you want a successful Melaleuca business, stay consistent! Executive Director 3 Kristin Kingrea teaches how your business can flourish when you ignore the noes, focus on what’s in your control, and do the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities every day.

March 2020

Build Your Business Courageously

What does it take to grow in your business? Only 20 seconds of insane courage. In her presentation, Executive Director 6 Shelby Ford shares how she uses her moments of courage to build her business every day—in person and through social media.

February 2020

Working through the Fear

What’s the secret to making approaches and setting appointments? Working through your fear! At the August 2019 ADVANCE, National Director 3 Jen Sebbas shared four tips to step past your fear, show up, reach out, and help others.

January 2020

10 Lessons Learned

National Director 9 Dave Crescenzo’s road to Melaleuca started with a seven-year detour through 10 different MLMs. As mistakes go, it was a whopper! But mistakes are great teachers according to Dave, so in his presentation at the August 2019 ADVANCE, he generously shared the top ten lessons he’s learned from his mistakes and his triumphs.

Dezember 2019

Your Best Business Is Built by Being You

What is the best way to build your Melaleuca business? With your own personal touch! As she draws parallels between her life as a teacher and her role at Melaleuca, Executive Director 3 Mandy Limbert teaches how applying your previous experience to your Melaleuca business helps build stronger leaders and longer-lasting businesses.

November 2019

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Corporate Director 4 Erin Clark knows firsthand that the strength of your Melaleuca business depends on how quickly you learn to trust in the processes and culture of Melaleuca. A year after her first-ever Road to Executive Director, she shared with new Senior Directors everything she wished she had known when she was in their shoes.

October 2019

The Power of Belief

How do you build a strong business? Start by building belief! National Director 9 Jason Paulin shares five areas of belief that create the foundation for a business that lasts a lifetime. With a combination of hard work and belief, you will be successful.

September 2019

It Starts with Your Why

Discover the power of your why! Drawing on her personal experience, Executive Director 4 Melinda Lough shares how knowing your why drives your momentum and fuels life-changing business growth. Sharing your why with others, holding effective Strategy Sessions, and working hard make all the difference.

August 2019

Grow Your Residual Income

What is the key to growing your residual income? Learning the basics! National Director 9 Dave Crescenzo coaches new business builders on delivering effective Overviews, approaching new customers, and building belief. Put his tips into practice and you will build residual income to last a lifetime.

July 2019

The Success Cycle

Get in the Success Cycle mindset! National Director 9 Brooke Paulin shares ways to improve your approaches, implement plans, and stay accountable. If you’re working toward Senior Director and beyond, you’ll want to hear her tips on how to grow your business!

June 2019

How a Bit of Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

Making an extra effort takes your business to an entirely new level. Executive Director 9 Stacy Bodnar’s play-by-play tips show you how to deliver a persuasive Melaleuca Overview where attendees can’t help but enroll and shop on the spot. And when you go even a little above and beyond in your follow-up, you create a culture that helps customers stay for life.

May 2019

Making the Most of Your Approaches

Having a good approach is in the details—even down to the tone of your voice! Angela Cook shares how paying attention the details of your approach leads to appointments and then enrollments. Her wisdom from 20 years of building her Melaleuca business will help you add to your contact list, overcome objections, follow up, and set appointments.

April 2019

Educating Customers to Be Lifelong Shoppers

How important is the Strategy Session? It’s key to your success! According to Krista Wineinger, strategy sessions build relationships, solidify commitments, and spark momentum. Her step-by-step instructions on holding effective strategy sessions with every new business builder will lead you to growth you’ve never seen before.

March 2019

Never Give Up and Find a Way - Perseverance Pays!

Executive Director 6 Courtney Martin delivers a stirring presentation on the power of perseverance when it is strengthened by accountability. She gives a rallying challenge to get in the trenches with your team, and support and encourage them to achieve their goals. Her message highlights how grit, determination, and drive will help you keep your accountability commitments, handle lulls in progress, and achieve your goals.

February 2019

Developing Your Own Personal Leadership Style

Discover and develop your own unique leadership style! According to National Director 3 Jen Sebbas, each builder’s leadership is as distinctive as a thumbprint. So instead of adopting someone else’s leadership methods, she guides you in pinpointing your own unique strengths so you can most effectively influence your team to maximize their efforts and achieve their goals. Great leaders develop Directors, not followers.

January 2019

Educating Customers to Be Lifelong Shoppers

Happy shopping experiences create happy customers, and happy customers create residual income! Executive Director 6 Sofia Mariscales shows you how to build a relationship bond with new customers by taking responsibility for their first customer experience. Sharing simple step-by-step instructions on how to educate new customers and help them love shopping with us, Sofia helps you duplicate her highly successful methods in creating customers for life.

December 2018

Creating Lifelong Relationships That Help Build Your Business

With warmth and humor, Executive Director 4 Danie Branch shares her effective methods of “finding friends she wants to grow old with” as customers and business partners for life! Discover how going out and doing activities you love is not only fun, but the secret to developing lasting relationships with people you can help.

November 2018

Building with Personalized, Product-Centered Follow-Up

Executive Director Jennifer Becker shares follow-up techniques to raise your customer re-order rate and increase your Product Point average, creating more residual income. Because a Melaleuca business is built on customers and products, creating amazing customer service experiences is central to success. Learn how to treat every customer as your best customer!

October 2018

What You Get for $19: How Melaleuca Supports Your Success

Discover what’s behind Melaleuca’s explosive growth trends and how leaders like you are with the right company at the right time. Jeff shares how Melaleuca offers its business builders strong, steady support and tools for success unequalled by any other business opportunity in the marketplace.

September 2018

Work Smarter and Enroll Faster with In-Homes

In-homes are one of the most effective ways to enroll new Preferred Members and develop strong Directors. Maria shares practical strategies and best practices for both live and virtual in-homes. Learn how to accelerate your success and leverage your time with this proven, powerful way to build rock-solid relationships and a strong business.

August 2018

Trust: The Key to Customer Loyalty and Business Partner Relationships

What does it really mean when we say this is a relationship business? Jen shares how trust is the core element of creating customer loyalty and successful business partners. From enrollment to developing Directors, she shares insights and actions that create business building momentum and steady residual income.


How to Team Up and Help Your Personal Director Advance

Melaleuca’s Compensation Plan is rewarding you for developing Directors 2 and 3 like never before. So how do you find Marketing Executives to team up with? And when you find them, how do you get them started off on the right foot? In this audio presentation, Corporate Director 6 Ed Bestoso, who has the largest organization in Melaleuca, teaches how you can ensure every potential business builder gets started right.

July 2018

The Most Important Thing — a Successful Strategy Session

According to Executive Directors 6 Klinton and Stephanie Keller, the most important thing in helping a new Marketing Executive begin building a successful business is a great Strategy Session. You’ve got to determine their true expectations, and then make the training systematic so they can duplicate it with their own team. That first Strategy Session isn’t about “starting” a business, according to the Kellers, it’s about launching one!

June 2018

5 Tips on Sustaining Consistency

Executive Director 6 Kindel Bonin agrees that consistency might not sound exciting, but in her business it is the reason she and her husband are free of credit card debt, living in their dream home, enjoying vacations, and paying cash for their children’s college. If that’s not excitting, what is? Kindel offers five training tips on sustaining consistency to build your business.

May 2018

Building a strong, lasting business

Join Executive Director 9 Krista Wineinger as she lays out the must-dos of building a business strong enough to last a lifetime—from always presenting a full Melaleuca Overview to holding helpful, inspiring strategy sessions. Krista delivers a wealth of practical, meaningful insights mixed with her usual humor in this engaging presentation.

April 2018

Building a Residual Income that Sticks

Learn how National Director 9 Brooke Paulin mastered the basics of the Seven Critical Activities to build her business on a solid foundation. By making consistent efforts to actively build her own team of new leaders, she finds she always has leadership ready to keep her team advancing and reaching new heights.

March 2018

Keep Your Doors Open

In this up-close-and-personal presentation, Executive Director 4 Courtney Martin shares how she has built a robust, healthy business simply by working consistently and always keeping her doors open—even through summer and holiday months where other businesses might slow their pace. As a result, she has a team full of business builders who match her consistent effort and enter every month with full pipelines and plenty of momentum.

February 2018

Building with Authenticity

National Director 3 Beth Schomp knows that building a robust, thriving Melaleuca business with loyal, satisfied customers and committed business partners takes authenticity every step of the way. In this engaging presentation, Beth explains what being authentic means in the context of each Critical Activity—and how your authenticity will result in enrolling more customers and business builders who feel connected to Melaleuca and excited about the opportunities we offer.

January 2018

Six Steps to Enroll Directors

Using his characteristic wisdom and humor, Corporate Director 3 Mark Atha shares the steps he follows to enroll the next generation of motivated Marketing Executives. He’ll teach you how to identify and approach those with great potential and help them commit even before the Melaleuca Overview begins—and then give them the tools and support they need to start strong and move confidently toward their goals.

December 2017

How to Find Your Next Three Directors

Executive Director 6 Stacy Bodnar is always looking for new business builders to partner with. But she knows it won’t be just anyone. The people she looks for have traits that all dynamic, successful Melaleuca Marketing Executives possess: they’re passionate about the products, willing to work hard, and hungry to change their circumstances. Learn how Stacy finds these future leaders, and listen to how she piques their interest and gets them excited to meet with her. Stacy’s straightforward, highly duplicable strategy can make a lasting difference in your own efforts to find and mentor strong, passionate new business partners.

November 2017

Keys to Advancing Your Business to Executive Director

National Director 9 Heidi Bartolotta shares some of the keys to her own consistent growth from Senior Director to National Director 9—and how you can quickly incorporate them into your own daily activities. She relates how your own personal example is your most powerful leadership tool. And she stresses consistent follow-up, which can help you find new leaders among your customers and give your existing leaders the coaching they need. Heidi’s masterful lesson on leadership is a must-learn for anyone with their sights set on Executive Director.

October 2017

How Anyone Can Build a Business to Last a Lifetime

Join Executive Director 9 and 2017 Marketing Director of the Year Krista Wineinger as she shares how to build a business the right way. Krista delves into leading by example—how you can do your daily activities in ways that your team can duplicate. She also reveals how you can conduct more effective Strategy Sessions with your new leaders. Krista’s wealth of insights, delivered with confidence and a healthy dose of humor, will leave you with new ideas and inspiration for building your own business to last a lifetime.

September 2017

Present Like A Pro

Presenting Melaleuca: An Overview is one of the most important activities for any business builder. Whether you prefer to present one-on-one, online, or to a house full of people, National Director Jill Parker has practical advice for anyone who wants to present like a pro.

August 2017

Delivering Clean Like No One Else Can

Thanks to its devoted and happy customers, Melaleuca’s EcoSense® line has consistently outperformed sales of its competitors in the ever-evolving green cleaning industry. Why? Join Executive Director 2 Jill Demers as she breaks down the “illusion of choice” customers face in grocery stores and why EcoSense products make the most sense for any customer.

July 2017

The Power of Essential Oils to Grow Your Businesss

You don’t have to be a certified aromatherapist or an expert on essential oils to share their benefits with your friends. Executive Director 4 Molly Pretzlaff provides some practical tips and uses of essential oils to help both Preferred Members and business builders learn the value of following their noses.

June 2017

Our Principal Product: The Peak Performance Pack

Melaleuca’s Chief Marketing Officer Scott Hollander lays out the difference between the Peak Performance Pack and its competitors, particularly the Pack’s unique ability to deliver significant results. He goes through each of the supplements included in the Pack, what makes them critical to good health, and how they combine together for an even greater synergistic effect. He also illuminates the profound results of the Freiburg and Sterling studies, and how they show that the Peak Performance Pack is the only supplement on the market to have clinically documented benefits.

May 2017

What Changed in My Business

Executive Director 7 Krista Wineinger shares her advice for overcoming flat spots and building a thriving business. She gives advice on how to approach others, the power of the Strategy Session, and how to focus on the activities that are truly producing income. Krista also trains you on how to find and work with the right partners—people who are ready and willing to change their lives. Krista’s own experience transforming her business and overcoming flat spots makes her advice both practical and effective.

April 2017

Making 2017 the Best Year Yet

Corporate Director 2 and Midwest farmer John Dufner explains what you need to grow your business and make 2017 your best year yet. John says the key to growing any Melaleuca business begins with a good, solid contact list. He gives you advice on how to add names and overcome any fear you might have of approaching potential customers. John’s honest and matter-of-fact training leaves you with a clear direction of what to do next and why it will help you.

March 2017

Helping Your Team Advance

Executive Director 8 Corey Keller discusses some of the finer points of helping your team advance, in particular the importance of connecting with others on a personal level. Corey says that in order to help someone advance to Director and beyond, you first need to understand them and their needs. After all, how can you help someone reach their goals if you don’t know what they’re working toward?

February 2017

Presenting a Melaleuca Overview

National VP Mark Townsend leads a panel discussion with National Director 4 Yvette Zona, National Director 9 Jason Paulin, and Executive Director 6 Stacy Bodnar to discuss different ideas and tactics involved in presenting a Melaleuca Overview. While the bare bones of every Overview is the same, everyone has their own approach and every audience has different needs, so it is important to learn how to tailor your approach accordingly.

January 2017

Keep Building Your Contact List

There are seven Critical Business-Building Activities, and as Senior Director 7 Jennifer Becker will tell you, there’s a reason why “Keep Building Your Contact List” is number one. Jennifer explains how to keep and build an organized contact list, how to make a game plan to contact each person on that list, and why it’s important to stay in touch with everybody regardless of whether they become customers or not.

December 2016

The Product Matters

Would you recommend a car to your friend that you’ve never driven? Or a movie that you’ve only seen the trailer for? You probably would not. So how are you going to build a Melaleuca business if you haven’t tried the products? Corporate Director 9 Ed Bestoso discusses the many reasons why you should buy a Home Conversion Pack—and all of your enrollees should too. Ed explains that there is no better way to save money and fall in love with all of Melaleuca’s most popular products right away.

November 2016

Advice for Leaders

Sometimes when your business isn’t advancing, you might discover that it’s not because of your fear to do the work, but your fear to lead others. Executive Director 6 Jen Sebbas describes the great advice she got from one of her personal enrollees that made her realize she needed to change her mindset, and how she used that great advice to help another enrollee who had not advanced beyond Director status for more than three years.

October 2016

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure can be crippling. It can take smart, capable people full of potential and stop them in their tracks. This fear isn’t just for new people starting a Melaleuca business; it can happen to anyone. Executive Director 6 Irma Mospan describes how her business went flat and her contact list ran dry until CEO Frank VanderSloot invited her to the QUEST Challenge. Irma had to reconnect with Melaleuca’s mission statement and make hard decisions about whether or not her road to success was over or just beginning.

September 2016

Owning it

Set the right tone at an initial approach and be prepared for success. With helpful anecdotes from her own learning experiences, National Director 9 Brooke Paulin shares how to show confidence in every approach and move your business forward by owning what you do.

August 2016

Income-Producing Activities

Are you focusing on the activities that will help your business grow? National Director Maria Mosca breaks down how you can work smarter instead of harder, maximize your efforts, and see bigger results by consistently adhering to income-producing activities. Maria’s insight will help you add to your contact list, finesse your approaches, and host effective in-homes to help your business flourish.

July 2016

Developing a CEO mentality in your directors

When you can help your personal directors advance to Directors 3, it’s a game changer. Drawing on universal principles of success and patterns of human psychology, National Director 6 Dave Crescenzo maps out the simple steps to take that will inspire independent leadership within your Directors.

June 2016

Maximizing Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions are an opportunity to get new enrollees on the right track with the right tools and the belief they need to actualize their goals. In this training, National Director 7 Jason Paulin gives insightful advice along with memorable examples about how to increase the effectiveness of your strategy sessions and help new business builders experience success faster.

May 2016

Changing Your Perspective on Contact Lists

Your contact list is more than a list of names. In this audio training, National Director 9 Heidi Bartolotta encourages you to shift the way you think about your contact list, reminding us that behind every name is a life that we can impact with Melaleuca. Changing your perspective on your contact list can make a world of difference in adding names, having more meaningful approaches, and enhancing lives as you build a flourishing business.

April 2016

Building a Thriving Melaleuca Business

To build a thriving business, you need to be a leader who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way. As Marketing Executives advance in their Melaleuca business, many of them shift their energy away from personal activity and focus more on managing their team, which inhibits them from becoming leaders who walk the talk.
Executive Director 7 Josh Grimley gives valuable insight on how continuous personal activity will transform you into the leader your team truly needs, helping your business thrive and grow faster than ever.

March 2016

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Rediscover Your Passion

Success is a beautiful thing. But what happens when you reach your goals? Where do you see your Melaleuca business in five years? Or ten? In this special two-part training session, National Director 2 MaryJo Tolliver and Executive Director 9 Maria Mosca describe how your continued success depends on you stepping out of your comfort zone and rediscovering your passion. Empowering people empowers yourself.

February 2016

Finding the Best Approach

There are many steps and different strategies people use to become successful Melaleuca business leaders, but there are two that everyone must learn: how to add people to your contact list and how to approach them. Without a firm grasp of these two steps, everything else falls apart. That’s why Executive Director 8 Corey Keller focuses on these concepts to help business leaders like you find success. Give your business a firm foundation to stand on.

January 2016

How Our Words Define Us As Business Leaders

So you are building a Melaleuca business, but do you have ownership over yourself and what you do? To be an effective leader, it is critical to find your identity and define who you are. National Director 5 Brooke Paulin will help you think more deeply about who you are and how the language you use to introduce yourself to potential customers can have a profound effect on perception and the success of your Melaleuca business.

*Trainings nur auf Englisch verfügbar. Die B.E.S.T. Series sind US Trainings mit Inhalten, die möglicherweise für den Europäischen Markt nicht zutreffen.

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